Richard Branson Kite Surfing Challenge


Necker Island: Sir Richard Branson was challenged by friend and champion kitesurfer Susi Mai to take kitesurfing to a whole new level. From his home on Necker Island, the veteran kitesurfer and Mai set out to see how many people they could get up on a kite board at one time. After successfully equalling the current Guinness World Records title for… more »

Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights

Extreme Sports 2012 Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights of a magnificent year ‘PEOPLE ARE AWESOME’ style video about various accomplishments and key moments that have happened this year in the Extreme Sports industry. We appreciate there have been many moments that do not feature in the video, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Also – sorry for the bad quality at… more »

Classic Kiteboarding: A Year In The Life Of A Kiteboarder


This film was shot on the California Coast in the spring, Sherman Island and the Columbia River Gorge in the summer, Maui in the fall, and La Ventana, Mexico (with night shots from the Burning Bush festival) in the winter.

Two kite surfers jump over pier

Two kite surfers jump over pier

 Watch these two Kite Surfers jump over pier (Worthing) Jake Scrace, 25, and Lewis Crathern, 24, had been planning Monday morning’s jump for three years but had to wait for perfect weather conditions. They took advantage of this weeks winds on the south coast to realise an ambition to jump over Worthing pier. is dedicated to the world of… more »

Extreme Kitesurfing HD Compilation

Extreme Kitesurfing - extreme sports

A great compilation of Extreme Kitesurfing in HD from the Professional Kite(board) Riders Association 2011. – dedicated to the world of extreme sports and bringing you the best of Extreme Kitesurfing

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