Let’s go out and play by Rick Koekoek

Rick Koekoek and Joost Wichman 4X World Champion will show you whats possible on a Motor, MTB, tricks, 360’s and backflips you will find it in this video. Rick Koekoek is with his 3rd place on the UCI World Ranking one of the top Trials riders in the world. In this video he shows some different skills than he normally… more »

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg FMX Bike Setup

Published on May 28, 2012 Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg is riding a 2012 Honda 450 this year and he’s already made a few tweaks to it. First things first, Twitch has to make sure his ride is fresh with clean plastics and new graphics all the time. As for the rest of his mods, Twitch refers to them as tricks of the… more »

Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights

Extreme Sports 2012 Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights of a magnificent year ‘PEOPLE ARE AWESOME’ style video about various accomplishments and key moments that have happened this year in the Extreme Sports industry. We appreciate there have been many moments that do not feature in the video, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Also – sorry for the bad quality at… more »



Everyone’s banging on about the latest James Bond film ‘Skyfall’, starring Daniel Craig, but for all you FMX fans there’s a special treat hidden away in one of the most insane scenes in the film

FMX Video – Top 5 FMX tricks – Red Bull X-Fighters

Red Bull FMX Camp

Watch the best 5 FMX Tricks of the 2012 season opener of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Dubai.

Backflip variations explained courtesy of Red Bull X-Fighters


  Backflip variations explained courtesy of Red Bull X-Fighters

Red Bull X-Fighters Munich 2012 FULL TV

Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 13.39.52

Red Bull X-Fighters Munich 2012 The world’s best Freestyle Motocross tour made its first-ever stop in Munich for the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. The world’s top FMX riders invaded the Bavarian capital and performed breathtaking tricks in Munich’s famous Olympic Stadium.

Emma McFerran Backflip

Emma McFerran Backflip

Australia’s first female FMX rider, Emma McFerran, comes back from a serious crash to be at the top of her game and master the backflip. Here she is training at the famous two time X Games Gold Medalists Jackson ‘Jacko’ Strong’s farm in Lockhart, NSW Australia. Video presented by FreeriderMX Magazine Produced by Russell Brothers Films… more »

The Life of FMX Legend Robbie Maddison – Portrait 2012

Robbie Maddison (AUS) - Action

The Life of FMX Legend Robbie Maddison – Portrait 2012 To describe FMX legend Robbie Maddison in brief is like trying to fit 43 people into a VW Beetle, it just ain’t gonna happen. If you were to try and describe Maddo in one word, it can only be “nutter”. He and his motorcycle bend the laws of physics as… more »

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