Ideas on what to do with your old Snowboard

By Mark Barber | 20.10.2014

A new snowboard is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your pursuit of happy shredding, but unfortunately a snowboard is not for life!  Your new plank will soon get scratched and battered from gnarly runs as well from those pesky skiers with their annoying poles in the chair lift queue.

Not only that, the design of snowboards is a rapidly changing science.  Back in the day the majority of boards were camber but now you have a mind boggling array of choice, from ‘Rocker’ (reverse camber) to hybrid designs such as ‘Rocker-Camber-Rocker’. As you advance through the snowboarding ranks your style will change on whether you are a proud park rat, POW shredder, or just enjoy cutting the corduroy on resort runs, and you will need a board to reflect this.

So, you have made that decision to buy a new plank to play with, but that throws up a another problem, what to do with your old snowboard? After all, us snowboarders are an Eco-friendly bunch and just chucking it away at the tip to be land filled is not an option.  Not only that, it is no way to treat your first love of snowboarding!


So, why not up-cycle your old snowboard and make something useful out of it?  I know for the purists and snowboard collectors out there I have just struck their hearts with an ice pick with the very thought of cutting up a snowboard, but if you put your mind to it you can come up with some amazing creations.  For inspiration look no further than Instagram.  check out these slick designs:

garden furniture from 'j_ryde' on Instagram


Fed up with flimsy and dull looking garden furniture? ‘j_ryde’ has posted up quite a gallery of what can be achieved with a few planks.  I honesty don’t think you will find a better table and chairs combo design anywhere in cyberspace!


longboard/cruiser crafted by ‘dilated designs’ on Instagram




Replacing your old Snowboard but need a new Longboard?  check out this longboard/cruiser crafted by ‘dilateddesigns’ – job done!







Snowboard shelf by ‘jayrecklessfisher’ on Instagram



If your carpentry skills are as lousy as a blind one-armed chipmunk, why not utilise your old plank as a space-saving shelf? Take inspiration from this simple concept from ‘jayrecklessfisher’.




Pass it down or Sell?

As long as your old snowboard doesn’t look like it has been chewed by a Snowvole, you could pass it down to a mate or family, or top up your beer money by selling it.  After all, every one starts out at some stage and a used board is ideal for beginners to learn the art of sliding sideways on.

The obvious platform to sell a used snowboard is ebay, but there are alternatives and the best one I have come across is  Rigbag is a dedicated online market place for action sports athletes and enthusiasts to buy and sell gear.

Buy Eco-Friendly

Of course, it would help if you bought a an Eco-friendly snowboard in the first place.  Brands like Striding Edge not only make their flagship snowboard with a bamboo core and top layer (Bamboo is an eco-friendly resource), but go to great lengths to run the company as environmentally friendly as possible with an ambitious target to be carbon neutral by the end of 2016.

For more info on striding Edge Snowboards, check out



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